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Creative, interesting hotel photography at any location worldwide. Book GDH Photography as your hotel photographer on 020 7411 9839. Your premises requires top quality photography which shows your devotion to customer satisfaction and experience. Hotel photography which displays the efforts in attention to detail and which compliment the interior design.

You require photos which make your hotel look spacious but not a distortion on the truth – this is where our skills as hotel photographers comes in. GDH Photography are the current hotel photographer for a number of hotels chains and independent hotels in London, UK and Europe. We can stage your hotel to look its best and utilise models when required.

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Hotel Photographers

We are specialists at providing high quality hotel photography for new brochures, websites, magazines and annual reports. Professional hotel photography is about using creative vision, and applying attention to every detail in the room set – looking for the warmth and intimacy the interior designer wished to portray. Hotel guests will demand details on your facilities before they book their trip so professional hotel photography will make all the difference to winning the booking over your competition.

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Combining full room shots and creative detailing to promote the atmosphere of the hotel will greatly enhance your brands presence online and in print, whilst positioning your hotel as a market leader in your location. At GDH we deliver high quality, ambient and up to date hotel photography professionally taken by hotel photographers who care about their art form and your hotel brand. We aim to give you an advantage over your local competitors or at least compete in the market place. Realistic hotel photography is vital for any hotel whether luxury, boutique or 3 star. By realistic we mean photographing the hotel as it is through careful staging. We enhance the image digitally where we can, but rely on dressing each room and facility to its ultimate appearance first and foremost with towels, soaps, flowers, wine, fruit and quality bedding, pictures and lighting. Everything carefully positioned for exceptional architectural interior photography.

Our hotel photography is captured digitally using professional equipment. Post production is carried out within 48 hours using professional software. The finished photography is then supplied digitally in high res and by DVD. Hotel photography is an investment in your hotel and bottom line. With a better quality of customer and full diary the outlay will be quickly paid off. Please call us on 020 7411 9839.